Rubber gold producing area

Thailand's unique climate, abundant rainfall has created a unique rubber growth environment, making it the largest rubber producer in the world, as well as the world's best natural latex raw materials production.

Worry-free service

Guangzhou Yi baby trading co., Ltd. Is the authorized general agent of Royaldiary in china. If you have any questions, 24-hour hotline, you can buy, use and feedback Hotline: 13352828294

International authority certification

Both the factory and the products have been certified by international authority, such as Germany's LGA and ECOOG, as well as the international ISO9001, Thailand's TTM. Each certification gives you the confidence to use Royaldiary products.

High content of natural latex

Royaldiary latex pillow series, natural latex content as high as 92%, natural materials, breathable moisture, mites deworming, soft Q bomb.

Made locally in Thailand

Royaldiary latex bedding 100% made in Thailand. Each pillow is marked with [MADE IN THAILAND] steel seal, genuine guarantee.

Customs inspection clearance

Each shipment is a regular maritime customs declaration import, certificate of origin, qualified inspection reports, customs inspection clearance, each batch can be documented. Packing imports, regular channels, quality assurance.



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