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Resume delivery mailbox:
Customs declaration designer Merchants
Shop designer
First, job responsibilities
1, responsible for the layout of the new store layout design.
2, responsible for the design of the new shop signs.
3, responsible for upgrading store layout design.
4, responsible for the construction of the city signboard design, property reported construction plan.
Second, the job requirements
1, academic requirements: college or bachelor degree or above;
2, professional requirements: interior design or environmental art and other related design professionals;
3, skill requirements: master AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, 3Dmax, PS and other graphics and design software;
4, work experience: a year to store design work experience is preferred, familiar with materials, construction technology and budget;
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Customs officers
First, job responsibilities
1. Accept customer orders to promote implementation;
2. Track customer orders, coordination and solve the problems arising in the order production delivery;
3. Coordinate transport, arrange delivery and timely processing of relevant shipping documents;
4 production of import and export declarations file;
5. Commodity classification and equipment import approval procedures;
6 production of packing list, invoice and certificate and other documents;
Customer reconciliation
Second, the job requirements
1. Hold the declaration clearance certificate;
2. more than one year customs work experience;
3. Familiar with trade business, understand electronic books;
4. Familiar with the international export of trailers, customs documents, customs clearance information and processes familiar to those working.
5. Skilled office software, customs QP system, inspection and quarantine system operation.
6. Familiar with the SO, PO and sea freight, trailer fees, FOB and other audit and related documents to follow up the work.
7. Digital sensitive, strong logical thinking ability, understand basic financial knowledge is preferred
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Merchants Commissioner
Job Responsibilities:
1, looking for the intention to provide customer resources, by telephone return visit.
2, a clear customer needs to join the project brand, appointment of customers to visit the company inspection project.
3, to maintain customer relationships, tracking customers through WeChat QQ at any time, to provide quality services to customers.
1, aged 20-30 years old, articulate, fluent Mandarin
2, a higher enthusiasm for sales work;
3, with strong learning ability, language skills and appeal, to master a certain degree of communication skills;
4, tough personality, quick thinking, with good adaptability and pressure;
5, a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and a positive work attitude, excellent teamwork;
6, BAT or OTA platform marketing and investment experience is preferred.
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