Children pillow series

Student wavy latex pillow

Student wavy latex pillow

Process: British Dunlop craft
  Content: Natural latex 93% +
Size: 48 × 28 × 8 / 6cm
Country of origin: Thailand
Package Contents: Pillow * 1 Pillowcase * 1
Maintenance: (1) Place a cool and ventilated place do not exposure
                      (2) Do not squeeze do not get damp
                      (3) stains with a wet towel moistened with water
                      (4) Gently squeeze the water dry in the shade can be


Import Thai natural latex pillow, reject synthetic rubber, natural latex composition up to 93% or more, better resilience, durability and more difficult to breed natural bacteria and mites, to protect the baby's skin from irritation;
For different age groups, suitable for different stages of baby's body development




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