German ECO certification

       ECO(European Certifying Organization). Eco-INSTITUT Gmb is an independent body authorized by the European Union to investigate and assess the safety of the certified environment. ISO / IEC 17025, not subject to commercial, financial and other influences, identified it as evaluating independence and testing impartiality. Provides a variety of VOC-based VOC-based testing, such as benzene, nitrosamine (carcinogen, sulfur, formaldehyde and other residues) detection. And issued environmental safety certification report. Through the ECO certification report, we can identify the percentage of latex content measured, and confirm whether the product belongs to natural latex bedding according to the proportion. This certification will represent the company's sales of products from design to production and sales. There is no harm to the ecological environment in the process of use and throughout the life cycle of the final disposal of waste. The production of this product will not pollute the environment, the use of this product will not pollute the environment, even if the final product is old and broken I waste it, it will not pollute the environment. The Royal Diary's latex products are made from Thai natural latex, which is 100% biodegradable and does not pollute the environment, so it can pass the certification.




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