International sleep association

      InternationalSleep Products Association, Chinese name: international Sleep products Association, 1915. Thirty-nine mattress manufacturers in the United States set up the International Sleep products Association, ISPA, to form a unified voice for the industry and to protect the industry's credibility, her mission is. Dedicated to the protection and improvement of mattress manufacturing development, profitability and high standards. To date, the organization has shared more than 90 years of experience with representatives of mattress manufacturers and suppliers on a number of important issues affecting the industry and is working with member enterprises. By reducing the consumer's purchase links, reducing the total cost of manufacturers, improving the value of mattresses in the eyes of consumers, to expand the mattress sales market. ISPA members have expanded to more than 650 mattress manufacturers, covering more than 50 countries around the world. With its improved safety technology in natural latex mattresses, the Royal Diary has won recognition from the International Sleep Organization and has been invited to join the International Sleep Organization Association to contribute more to the global sleep cause.




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