Elderly people choose high pillow?


     Occasionally, having peace of mind can be overwhelming. Older people wake up easily, so choose your own height, soft and hard pillows is very important. As the saying goes, "sit back and relax", although the pillow higher, people can make people calm and easy to fall asleep. However, long-term use of high pillows, the neck is fixed in the flexor position, over time, it will make the elderly suffering from cervical spondylosis symptoms. Neck flexion also oppresses the carotid artery, impeding blood circulation. Too high pillows: easy to cause "stiff neck"
     Sleeping pillow is too high, will destroy the natural curvature of cervical parts, so that the neck muscles and ligaments tension, stiffness, causing "stiff neck", showing the neck stiffness, immobility, insomnia and other symptoms.
The pillow is too low, too much blood flow into the head, blood vessels, neck muscles can not relax, after a night time, morning will feel swell, neck pain, eyelid edema. According to statistics, 150 million of the world's 600 million insomniacs are caused by uncomfortable pillows. Pillows too high, easy to "stiff neck"; pillow too low, easy to snore. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the elderly pillow height of 10 to 15 cm is appropriate.
Too low pillow: easy to cause "snoring"
      Sleeping pillow too low, will naturally raise the jaw, the throat was oppressed, oral tongue naturally drooping, blocking the respiratory tract. Especially during inspiration, the soft palate above the oral cavity vibrates. As the air enters, a snore snoring sound will not only reduce the quality of sleep but also affect others' sleep.
1. The use of pure natural latex processing, the human body without any harm and side effects, due to its natural characteristics of a material, has a good antibacterial, anti-mite effect, to provide a more healthy and clean sleep surroundings.
2. In accordance with the ergonomic design, effectively improve the quality and effect of sleep.
3. Has a good hygroscopicity and breathability, especially for snoring people, can effectively reduce snoring.
4. Have a good flexibility, can well buffer the body's pressure, have a strong affinity.
5. High-tech scientific formula, a molding, durable, never deformed.
6. Can effectively improve the cervical spine, lumbar and blood pressure.
7. Latex pillow can effectively reduce the static electricity generated between the body and fiber.
8. Honeycomb structure, can effectively and quickly distribute the heat generated by the body.
9. Environmental protection, pollution-free non-toxic, anti-mite anti-bacterial, anti-allergy.




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