Good pillow to protect the cervical spine

        An ideal pillow, the most basic to make the pillow closely fit the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, so that people who work and study life one day, lift cervical muscle, ligament fatigue during sleep.
A cervical spondylosis friends are all kinds of uncomfortable, cervical treatment of a wide range of ways, from the perspective of long-term use, cervical pillow is able to be long-term adherence and use of patients with the treatment. So choose the right pillow with the pillow, long-term adherence, will help your cervical rehabilitation.
       Pillow varieties on the market more, most have a role, but not well combined with the daily routine of patients, often only supine, and lying on the less than ideal. On the market, cervical pillow is uniquely designed so that the patient not only supine, but also comfortable on the side and also improve the quality of sleep, but also help to eliminate fatigue and relax
      Latex pillow is a new generation of pillow on the market, due to the use of natural rubber by the "foam" process made of a molding, the pillow because it is pure natural material, unlike other synthetic foam, sponge material , Non-toxic and tasteless, no adverse effects on the human body. Moreover, the overall construction of the latex eliminates the interference of fines to the human body, and is particularly suitable for the use of fiber allergy and asthma patients. In addition, the foam-treated latex pillow breathable, pillow to go without a sense of stuffy stuffy. Also, the special processing of latex pillow easy to shape, according to the characteristics of the cervical spine to create different shapes. Due to material factors, the price of latex pillow is slightly more expensive than other varieties of pillows. When choosing a latex pillow, pay attention to the chaos on the latex pillow on the market, some artificial foam, sponge pillow is also called latex pillow, please be carefully identified when buying Oh.




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