Easily identify true and false Thai latex pillows

 Teach you a few moves to easily identify authentic Thai latex pillows

You want to buy the latex pillow is not a regular Thai-made, the factory has no certification, there is no proof of origin.
      In Thailand, where a certificate of origin states that the factory is not a small factory at the outset. Because Thailand's export rights are difficult to get, small factory incomplete procedures, the factory did not qualify, can not walk the customs, can take the customs declaration, are regular brands, regular factories to go through the customs normal entry, not to take the logistics Come in, because customs have a certificate of origin, can be exempt from tariffs, but it must be the normal customs clearance procedures. This is a lot of shops to take a lot of goods to go because of the logistics of small factories not qualified, even if the customs can not get the certificate of origin will inevitably pass the tariffs can only come in the normal mode of trade higher natural costs. When entering China, the customs office of China also needs to test and test the results, and the customs of Thailand will only release the goods and declare the import to avoid the tariff. So basically the proof of origin on the latex content is the most real.
       Recently Thai media reported that a large number of latex pillows made in China were exported to Thailand and were sold out by tour groups and some purchasers before the goods landed. Why Thai latex pillow hot China's latex industry? Especially in Guangdong and Zhejiang area latex plant, basically 24 hours of production, due to mutual exemption of Sino-Thai rubber products, so in Thailand to buy a very latex pillow is normal in China.
There are no stamps on your pillow Only Thai-made products, some small Thai factory production of natural latex pillows are not afraid to play a steel seal, because once found to be unqualified products will be severely punished.
Look. Get the pillow in the light of no reflective or greasy look. Natural latex is matte, without any reflections.
smell. There is no milk flavor. Only a touch of natural rubber latex rubbery flavor, no other scent, do not smell it carefully not smell it. Only synthetic latex will add chemical flavors, whether it is milk or soy milk flavor, are used to inhibit the smell of synthetic glue smell and ammonia odor.
Look again Pure natural latex pillow have obvious skin texture, texture distribution of natural, is the continuation of the natural bark pattern. Synthetic latex pillow, synthetic plastic because of the strong, so filled full of smooth surface, no texture or a small amount of texture.
Looking carefully, gently pull the pillow by hand, natural latex pillow pore stomata uniform and dense, these tens of millions of cellular vents can quickly exhaust ventilation, so that the pillow to keep dry and comfortable without moisture does not breed mites bacteria. The synthetic latex pillow in the synthetic latex components of natural latex foam pores from the plug, only a small amount of uneven distribution of pores of varying sizes
touch. Pure natural latex pillow like a baby skin, smooth and delicate, very soft. Synthetic latex surface will be tight shiny, smooth. Relative to the natural latex pillow, more full and more full so stroked more stuffed hard. Especially in winter, synthetic latex hardens.




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