Latex pillow and latex mattress maintenance

Latex pillow and latex mattress maintenance
        Natural latex pillow because of its put mite antibacterial, ultra-quiet, high elasticity, not easily deformed and so on by more and more people's recognition, and slowly into more families, latex as a pillow production of raw materials have also been more and more countries Use, then how to maintain the latex pillow in daily life?
The usual maintenance should pay attention to the following points
A. pat a touch of pat
       Because of its natural anti-bacterial anti-mite anti-mite function, not easy to breed mites bacteria, because others have more ventilation holes, a long time, some dust particles will enter the blocking, so to regularly take out and patted. Latex pillow without cleaning, latex products can not be cleaned, but dry cleaning process, the general can not be dried, but cause moisture residue. Really want to wash, if only a small area, just wipe with a wet towel and put it in ventilated place, a few days later you can re-use.
B. cool place
       Latex itself is a liquid, the foam becomes solid, some people will get used to the pillow, we do not recommend, because the rubber products are easy to aging, easy to damage their life, resulting in the surface powder.
C. Use pillow case
        Sleeping sweat easily contaminated latex pillow, the general proposal to use pillowcases. Latex products themselves will evaporate moisture, without special drying. Newborn baby is not easy to use latex pillow directly, it is recommended to use pillowcase, so easy to care and protect the pillow.




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