How to choose natural latex pillow

Natural latex pillow purchase has many noteworthy details, what are the specific? Let's take a look
1, smell: The real latex is a natural light milk flavor, not concentrated, a bit like the smell of soy milk, smell a long time there will be no discomfort, non-toxic harmless! Whether 100% natural latex synthetic latex derived from petroleum, natural latex derived from the rubber tree. Natural latex exudes a touch of balsamic, more natural and costly. If the fragrance is very strong, pungent or smell for a long time have a dizzy feeling, is to add flavor and chemical substances, long-sleeper sleep, will affect the health!
2, see: The real latex color is beige, will not be milky white, milky white, synthetic rubber, recycled plastic or polyurethane. The real latex pillow is riddled with tens of millions of honeycomb pores that expel the heat and moisture from the head, such as natural air conditioning and exhaust system, keep the air flowing, dry and comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer!
3, touch: the real latex pillow, the surface will be like wrinkles, touch comfortable feeling, such as the skin, definitely not smooth, it is latex-specific, smooth is made of mixed chemicals, the absorption of the human body is harmful, Please be careful!
4, pressure: the real latex pressure is rapidly rebound, slow bomb is the memory pillow. The current market a lot of latex products classified, can not be completely fake, can only say that the content and purity of the number of questions, there is a percentage of pure latex and synthetic rubber! Natural products with high elasticity, not easy to tear.




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